14 Best Things About My College Life

or highlights of a Communication major’s life in particular?

Note: Brace yourselves. This is a looong post. And some of the photos are not mine so credits to the owners.

I have been long wanting to publish this because as you have noticed, it’s been ages already since my last decent post here. I’ve been very busy with MANYYYY school stuff (yes! though I think that word still is not enough to describe college works I’m talking about). So, I need to make it up at least with my site. Got it?

Well, college life as they say is exciting but dreading. You know you get to meet a lot of new faces from all walks of life. You get to experience life in a fresh setting (of course, when you were in high school you tend to mostly spend your time near your home) and you experience it with less limitations.

On the other hand, it is dreading. Why? Well, it’s just the TIME you have to build your credentials or must I say your weapons for future real life battles (I mean future employments). But college is also the point where you experience life’s precious moments, unforgettable ups and downs, with awesomest friends, and words of wisdom from professors. All in all, greatest firearms that will equip you for your upcoming life wars.

Hence, without further ado here are the 14 best parts of my academe life.

14. Fun colegio activities– There’s a saying that goes, “Study hard, party harder”. Of course, life in college can be exhausting most of the time and school activities and celebrations like Paskong Arriba, NCAAColegio Week, and Soiree are a breath of fresh air.

Paskong Arriba

NCAA Season 88

Colegio Week

Soiree: Colors of CLAS

13. Exciting trips– One of the greatest opportunities in college is when you get to travel to places you’ve never been before with your colleagues. Back when you were in high school, you can only get to go outside of the school premises whenever there were field trips, stage plays or outings and hangouts with your buddies. However, in college somehow you are given a lesser restrictions (but provided of course that you will ask permissions from your parents) because they trust you more now that you can take care of yourself.

Few of the places I had a whale of a time were: when we went to Jala-Jala, Rizal for a tree planting activity in our Theology course;403432_422742931078743_2085844396_n when we had our Call Time 2011, ’12, and ’13 at resorts in Bulacan, Rizal, and Laguna;

and when we had our photo trip and retreat in Caleruega, Batangas.

12. Delicious food– Our school is situated in the walled city of Intramuros (and few steps away from SM Manila) where there are, well, lots of places to dine. If you are in a tight budget, there are lots of street food vendors (Aww, I suddenly miss eating fishball, kikiam and kwek-kwek outside Letran whenever we have night classes) and carinderias (The prices with these eateries usually range from 45 pesos and above) around.

On the other hand, if you have ample budget, there are Ristorante delle Mitre near San Agustin Church, Max’s, fast food restaurants or you can go to SM Manila (Me and my friends used to eat in Kebabers and 8 Street Bites there).

Oh! and how can I forget our very own canteen where I usually eat the famous chicken ni Mang George and adobong baboy and beef teriyaki “on-the-go” (these two were my favorite lunches whenever I’m in a hurry for class).

11. Amazing organization– When I was in high school, I always wanted to join an organization that caters to my interests which are singing, dancing and acting. The problem is our school doesn’t have any organization for the arts. And that’s one of the things I love about college, I had the chance to join an awesome theater organization, the “Teatro de Letran”.

Through TDL, I’ve met people who share the same passion for performing arts as me, I had the chance to do what I love, to share my talents with others and I had been into numerous plays which influenced the views of our audiences to certain social issues.

10. Tiring yet fulfilling productions– The most enjoyable semesters in my course are of course, the times when we handled various productions (be it radio, TV and film).There were late nights in school when we had to create and pitch concepts for PSAs (Public Service Announcements), programs and stories. There were also those sleepless nights when we had to beat deadlines, wrote and passed numerous scripts and got multiple rejections and revisions before we finally produced it (where in the end, we had to revise it again). Not to mention, you’ll have to spend money like water and you can’t almost help but cringe every time you have to.

No doubt, they were exhausting, costly, and there came a time when we wanted to just throw in the towel and let God decide on our fates. However, these are the best experiences that prepared us and gave us insights with the life in the real world. We’ve learned to handle constructive criticisms with our works and give the most of our abilities to achieve quality productions. The most fulfilling part?It’s when you finally see your works being appreciated by other people.

9. Challenging short film productions– Producing short film in senior year is the most anticipated production for a communication student. Why? Well for me, I can say it wraps up the things you’ve learned in your course for 4 years. I’ve watched short films produced by earlier batches for 3 consecutive years  before and my excitement and astonishment never fade.

That’s why when our time came to finally produce our own short film, we can’t help but feel challenged. We’ve learned things that were not taught in school. We’ve learned to compromise and to be resourceful and versatile. But, we’ve also applied the things we learned (technical aspects, principles and disciplines).

8. Awe-inspiring documentary production– If there is one most accomplishing production that would sum up my life as a communication major, it is the documentary film we produced titled, “Preno”. I remembered the time when we were doing Preno, we’ve undergone countless challenges (see number 10), misunderstandings, issues, trials and errors which made us fathom the following: teamwork, determination and believing in one’s self. We’ve met people with a lot of interesting stories to tell. We’ve sympathized with them and told their tales. We’ve called and hoped for changes and actions with their situations and witnessed others being touched and affected by them.

Calle Juana Prod Team ❤

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