14 Best Things About My College Life (Part 2)


Note: Some of the photos are not mine so credits to the owners.

7. Memorable internships– In an article I’ve come across, it says that grades don’t translate in real world and numbers don’t define one’s worth. Indeed. The true judge of the things we’ve learned in school is when we finally step out “there”. When I had my internship in Circuit Magazine (read: My Magazine internship), I’ve learned the essence of time management and professionalism

whilst my training at PTV-4 (read: My Internship at PTV-4) taught me to chill, not take things too seriously, the importance of grace under pressure and being a team player.

6. Cool block mates and professors– What’s more interesting in college than having funky classmates and quirky gurus? We all have those embarrassing and laughable moments with our colleagues (which helped a lot in easing the stress of school stuff) and dramas (which I bet would seem minor when we look back with those few years from now).

CA4 Batch 2015 <3
CA4 Batch 2015 ❤

I recalled the time when we were doing our batch send-off video. Its theme pertains to what some of us will be 10 years from now and I can’t help but chuckle whenever I reminisce the situations we’ve anticipated. Like for instance, some of us will be part of a production team, celebrities, immigrants and overseas workers. Others will tour Paris or ride the world’s fastest roller coaster. Amusing situations like having babies/families (this was the group I’m included haha!), walking to the moon and living life to the fullest were not exempted. 😀sooo

Of course, life in college would not be complete without our cool professors.

They are the mentors we always look up to. They were the one who inspired us and made us laugh, with their havey and corny jokes, tales of real world experiences and success; challenged us, pushing us through our limitations and setting their bars up because they believe we can give more than what we think of; and helped us survived the academe life, understanding our struggles and adjusting with circumstances for us to somehow meet their standards. Overall, they were the one who made life in college unbearable yet bearable. What do I mean with that? Well, I know you’ve figured that out already.

5. Breathtaking awards– What’s more fulfilling than harvesting the fruits of your labor? The first time I attended the ExcelLance (an event which gives recognition to the outstanding works of students from the institute of Letran that never sleeps, Institute of Communication), I was not fully aware of how important this event was to communication students like me.

The time I’ve realized that was when I’ve already witnessed names of higher batch students being called up the stage to get their awards. You can only see how delighted they were, wearing their big smiles as they were handed their knight trophies. Since then, it has always been my aspiration to experience stepping into that stage and receiving that trophy.

Fast forward to 3rd year and 4th year… this was the time I first and last received knight trophies and the feeling was unexplainable. The next thing I know, I was already there handshaking with our professors, getting the awards and posing with my team showing our awestruck faces as cameras flashed in front of us. Those were really one of the amazing nights in my life.

Another best feeling was when award-giving bodies outside the colegio noticed your work. It’s like a totally dream come true. Thank you G!

4. Nerve-racking thesis– When you hear the word THESIS, what do you feel? Is it excitement? Is it happiness? or do you almost tremble in FEAR?thesis_full_form I bet it’s the latter which appeals to you the most. Am I right? Obviously, because it was also the impression we had while we we’re on the verge of doing it. Why? Perhaps the thought of not graduating on time if ever we fail to finish and submit it.

However, there are more to that word than meets the eye. These are the things we’ve learned (the importance of hard work, patience and understanding) despite the times we ran out of thousand words to expand our research; endless of confusions about our topic, sleepovers without sleep, intoxicating our systems with coffees just to stay awake; and quarrying valid references. Add to those the numerous rejections, revisions and even almost total reworking the research paper we had.phd070513s

Indeed, thesis can be daunting and there are times when you just wanted to call it quits and toss all the papers which needed revisions but suddenly you’ll hear a little voice inside your mind telling you, “Ooopss, you need that to graduate”. Then you will pick up all those papers and start wondering again how and where you’ll start until drops of blood form in your forehead.

However, you can only imagine how fulfilling it was to finally see the complete signatures of your panelists and adviser on your paper (which is more than enough! *wink*).

Achievement unlocked! With that, hello wave to my TheSisters (read: Reasons Why It’s Actually Good to have your Buddies as your Thesis-mates)!

3. Awesome friends“I’ve learned that your college friends become kind of family, you eat together, you take naps together, fight, laugh, cry and do absolutely nothing together until you can’t remember how you ever lived your life without them in the first place.”

I remember during my early years in college, many times the thought of transferring to other schools had crossed my mind. Perhaps because I think it’s hard to make friends with my blockmates because of certain circumstances. Like I’m a reserved person and there are things I cannot relate to with them. Or maybe I was just experiencing high school sickness? Never mind. However, as months went by and many things happened (including class sections’ reshuffles), I’ve learned to adjust and compromise. I realized that it’s the very reason why I chose Letran- to experience academe life in a new environment and to meet people.

Come third year to fourth year where I became friends with the people who let me feel that I belong and made my life in college exciting and bearable through tough times.

10986734_842093069170722_7877472794006866192_oWith them, I’ve learned to laugh at our/my problems and oddities; I’ve realized the value of nurturing relationships especially friendships, and I’ve become myself (no cover ups just plainly me). I would recall the countless times we had sleepovers, lunch dates, groupies, baliw-baliwan moments, heart-to-heart talks or chikahan to the max and unexpected trips. There might be times when we had solved and unsolved misunderstandings but those precious days with them will be forever missed. And I will endlessly thank them for being not only my buddies but also for being my big family. Thank you guys (you know who you are)!

2. Retreat“Buti pa sa Caleruega, happy lang walang stress”. This was the tweet I posted a week after our retreat in Caleruega, Batangas. I remembered when I posted it, we were as busy as the bees. We’re on the edge of completing requirements for various courses, especially in film. That’s why I suddenly miss the moments in our 3-day retreat when we had refreshing and light schedule of activities for everyday- which was mostly comprised of meal time (imagine having 5 meals per day…heaven!) and sessions about God’s love (how enlightening and inspiring! Thank you and love you G!).

I’ve also recalled how surprising it was for me to wake up at 5 am without the help of my phone’s alarm for our six in the morning breakfast (perhaps, a sign of relax mind and body due to complete sleep), surviving cold showers (big thanks to the heater!) and endless selfies or groupies (Well, it’s hard to resist the urge of taking pictures if you have breathtaking view as a background). Overall, this was the trip I had that forever will be missed.

1. Graduation (Of tassel, cap and a broken shoe)– Nothing beats the moment you see how delighted your parents are as they witness you marching up the stage to bow, have your graduation cap’s tassel flip to the other side and handshake with the rector. I could clearly remember the feeling I had that time. I was REALLY, REALLY NERVOUS and at the same time excited and fulfilled. It’s the point we’re all waiting for (my family and my classmates). I truly wanted to make that special day perfect but then there were unfortunate things that happened to me. Like for instance, when my shoe broke while I was on my way to our marching line. I swear I was nearly on the point of crying and panicking.

However, big thanks to my flats (yes! my savior!) for being there when I needed you most. Of course, I never wanted to ruin that special day just because of a shoe that’s why I just shrugged it off and let the overwhelming feeling cover it. Graduation as they say is the end of our academic life but it is just the start to our life in the real world. Indeed. For us, it is the finish line of our journey toward PICC and the first step of finally living our dreams. Thus, a BIG THANK YOU to God, our parents/families, friends, classmates, and professors! Kudos to all the graduates of batch 2015! And hello to the world of unemployed (for now). May we succeed with our lives’ endeavors! ❤ ❤


So now, I’m signing off…

only with this looong post and see you to my next posts. Thanks for reading!

14 Best Things About My College Life (Part 1)


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