My Magazine Internship

Ever since I’ve seen the movie of Sarah Geronimo “A Very Special Love” wherein she played the role of Laida Magtalas, an editorial assistant for the magazine which is owned by her crush and ideal man- Miggy Montenegro (John Lloyd Cruz), it has always been my aspiration to experience working for a magazine firm. sarah-and-john-lloydNow you might be thinking, “ohh so you wanted to find your Miggy?” Well, except for that part of course (But perhaps in the future? Just kidding!).

I’m just fascinated with the work behind, you know the glory of the by-line and being able to have your articles published and read by others. It’s so overwhelming. That’s why when we had our summer internship, I’ve already fixed my mind to pursue training under a magazine company. I’ve tried inquiring and submitting my application (email and even walk-in) for various publishing firms, from big to independent. Everyday I was crossing my fingers that I would get a call or text from them.

Fast forward to five weeks ago…I finally got an email from one of the magazine firms in Makati where I submitted my application online. They invited me for an interview and… taraaan! I’ve got accepted! Yay!

Now, follow me as I rewind the four weeks ago I have spent working for an event magazine which is the Circuit Magazine. But before anything else, let me give you a little insight about this magazine.10437615_787086191311080_3184267501072992289_n

“Circuit Magazine is a free monthly eventzine (event magazine) published by Circuit Central Concept Inc. It serves as an event handbook to all the hottest gatherings and hippest destinations in and around the metro.” So, if you’re somebody who loves hangouts, travels, food and adventures, this magazine is a must-have guide for you.

During my first day in Circuit, I was oriented of the tasks I will be doing and I’ve also met the magazine’s staff/editors and my co-intern, Dianne (who is an Advertising major from UST)! So Ms. Apryl (the managing editor and my internship supervisor) informed me that my tasks included covering media events, writing for the magazine’s website, researching and sometimes contributing ideas/articles for the magazine’s monthly issue, assisting the editors, assisting photo shoots and copy editing.

WEEK 1 Highlights

-Revised post-event press release articles and posted it on magazine’s website.

-Copy edited articles for the upcoming issue and the magazine’s first draft of the upcoming issue.

-Watched an awesome play titled, “Games People Play” and was assigned to write the review of it.

-Attended lunch for bloggers and press in Livestock Restaurant and Bar in Quezon City and was assigned to take pictures of the place and foods that were presented.

WEEK 2 Highlights

My second week was fully loaded of media events. There were times when we had to attend 3 events for a day. Tiring yet exciting and fun indeed!

-Covered the press conference of Cesar Millan and assisted my online editor.

-Covered the Palmolive Naturals media launch of its body wash product line including the new endorser, Ms. Angel Locsin and was assigned to write the post-event article for it.

Also, attended the soft opening of Perfect Pint Bar and Resto.

-Covered the makeup workshop of Tupperware Brands and Colour Collection with Ms. Philippines-Earth 2014 candidates and was assigned to write its post-event article.

Attended the premiere of The Amazing Spiderman 2 in 4XD Theater 10415558_787087511310948_3656743428579189850_n

and the Clear Draft 2014 media launch.

WEEK 3 Highlights

-Assisted my online editor, researched some information for her article and copy edited the calendar website.P1180321

-Covered and was assigned to write for the Sangobion Go Live Life campaign launch article.

Attended the Russel Hobbs’ trade launch.

-Brainstormed for the Great Indie List page that will be included for the magazine’s next issue and researched indie plays and films that will be featured.

-Finished the Mother’s Day article assigned to me and uploaded it together with the photos on the website’s drafts.P1180324

WEEK 4 Highlights

-Covered the Converse Spring/Summer media launch and was assigned to write its post-event article.10426691_787106194642413_8779121833964425183_n

-Covered the Aaron Colton’s street tour at Eastwood City and was assigned to write its post-event article.

-Assisted the photo shoot for the magazine’s next issue cover with Asia’s Next Top Models Katarina Rodriguez and Jodilly Pendre.10303869_787086201311079_478048786736982918_n

What I’ve observed:

That working for a magazine is a fast-paced job. You have to be quick and flexible in all aspects all the time or else you’ll be left behind. Another thing is I’ve witnessed that media people are really treated as “V.I.P” (very important person) because I have experienced it myself.

Lastly, when you’re working for a magazine, it is essential to look your best or be presentable all the time (like putting some makeup on and donning decent dresses) and you have to be sociable especially when you’re attending events because some of your fellows are the same people you’ll encounter with for the next events you’ll be covering. And who knows, when they became your connections they might be a great help for you in the future.

What I’ve learned:

In terms of technical aspect, I’ve learned how to explore WordPress because the magazine’s website is hosted by this popular blogging system. On the other hand when it comes with the work ethics, there are three things I’ve acquired; these are professionalism, the art of asking/clarifying things and the importance of time management.

What/Who will I miss:

The people I’ve worked with, the press people I’ve met, the events I’ve covered, the feels of covering events, the perks, the delicious food, the feeling of your articles being published, my desk, and the feels of working in a business district like Makati. Overall, the whole magazine internship experiences! I’ll be forever grateful for my supervisor Ms. Apryl and the whole Circuit Magazine team for letting me experience hands-on training like no other for a magazine.

Visit their website and like their facebook page if you want to be updated with the coolest events, awesome adventures, interesting places to dine, and other trends in the metro!

P.S. Some of the photos are taken by my co-intern, Dianne. 🙂



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